4th Annual Girls Thanksgiving – Table settings

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I like to celebrate it throughout the month of November – just wait till I post pictures from our work outing we call “Turkeyesta“. We take it seriously as you can see in the picture below 🙂
My friends and I have gotten together the past 4 years to have an early Thanksgiving celebration at my house. We each make a different dish, drink wine and play games. It’s a really fun day and something we look forward to every holiday season!
Each year one of us takes turns making the place settings and this year it was my turn. I had a lot of mason jars laying around so I figured they would be a cute item to use and we could have drinks in them (wait till you see the delicious hard cider that my friend Jaime made…soooo yummy!!!)
For the name tags I cut leaves out of orange and yellow construction paper, drew the lines on with permanent marker, outlined the leaves with a gold glitter pen and then wrote everyone’s name on with glitter glue. After the day is over everyone can take home their own glass as a cute little reminder of our fun day!

Here’s a picture of the set table before everyone arrived. More pictures of the food we made are to come! There was so much of it it’s taking me a while to get everything organized 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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