My friends and I have wanted to try Trade on the corner of Atlantic Ave and Congress St. for a while now. This past Thursday we finally found the time!
Another friend of mine was there on a Monday and told me the place was packed and that I should make a reservation. Clearly I forgot to do that.
I called Trade around 4pm in the afternoon and they were already booked up until 9:15pm and do not have a waiting list. We decided to go anyway with hopes of getting seats at the bar (which we did) and we were lucky because the place was packed! If you want to go for a sit down meal or have a large party make a reservation in advance!
Here are a few snapshots of our view from the bar area. I love the large hanging lights and they have an awesome pizza oven! Sorry for the grainy texture but I took all the pics on my iPhone.
First up on my list of things to get: WINE! I went with the Gotham City Cabernet. I knew I loved Trade as soon as I got my drink because they pour LARGE glasses of wine! You probably can’t tell here since I had already drank more than half of my glass by this point…whoops.
For an appetizer we had Fried dough with parmesan, prosciutto and anchovies. DELICIOUS  The prosciutto was perfectly crispy and the shaved parmesan and garlic and olive oil drizzled on top made the dish for me.
Our main corse was a Mushroom, figs, and arugula flatbread with gorgonzola, sage pesto and walnuts. Fig and arugula is ones of my favorite pizza toppings so I had to try it on my first meal at Trade. However, the other flatbreads have me intrigued (Mussels, tomato, leeks, with saffron and garlic??) so I will definitely be going back to try some other kinds.
The flatbread had a really yummy crust – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They cut the pieces into perfect small rectangles and there are generous portions of the toppings on every piece. The sage pesto was very garlicy so if you don’t want garlic breath I would maybe try a different kind. If that doesn’t bother you then go for it because it is just so tasty!!
I love brussel sprouts so when I saw them listed under ‘Sides’ I had to try them out. To my surprise when we were served them they were mini brussel sprouts (adorable!) roasted and served with a Aleppo pepper and nuts mixture that I couldn’t stop dipping my flatbread crust in.
So, if you haven’t checked out Trade yet it is definitely worth the trip! Maybe I’ll see you there sometime 🙂

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