Current Obsession: The Hunger Games Trilogy

There is a group of us at work who are reading the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’m not a big reader but everyone kept telling me how amazing the books were…
…and THEY WERE RIGHT. Ever since I picked up the first book I haven’t been able to put them down. I am currently in the last part of the third book, Mockingjay. They are categorized under “Teen/Young Adult” but don’t let that fool you. They are good. I was sold by page two.
The boxed set is available on Amazon but if you have a Nook or Kindle (I have the Nook Simple Touch) the trilogy is available for $17!
Now I only have to wait 98 days, 23 hours and 20 minutes (according to the Hunger Games movie website) until I can see it on the big screen. And I have to say the trailer looks AWESOME!!
One of the girls at work was just gifted the Hunger Games cookbook so a bunch of us decided it would be fun to have a Hunger Games party before the movie came out. I told you I wasn’t kidding – we’re obsessed.
 Food is such an important part of the books that I think this was a brilliant idea. The recipe names are all based of dishes and foods eaten in the books but all look like the are going to be oh so yummy!
Googling trying to find the cookbook I stumbled upon – a website that has recipes inspired from favorite books. When I saw the adorable Hunger Games sugar cookies I knew I wanted to make them for our party. They have character names and important phrases from the books pressed into the dough.
Photo courtesy of
The cookie cutters were recently sold at Williams-Sonoma but they currently say “No Longer Available”. I am hoping they will bring the set back and until then I’ll be on the hunt for an alternative! Let me know if you find any.
Come on? So adorable!! They can be used for many different occasions. Bring ’em back Williams and Sonoma.
Now to complete my obsession with the Hunger Games…China Glaze‘s nail polish set inspired by the book. I was already in the midst of a nail polish craze trying all different colors and developing an intense love for all things Essie. Now I have 12 new colors that I absolutely love AND they’re in direct reference to my favorite books? yay 🙂
Thanks to Jaime for sending me this link earlier today!
Each color is based off the 12 districts in the book and what their specialty was.
Luxe and Lush – District 1 (Luxury)
Stone Cold – District 2 (Masonry)
Riveting – District 3 (Technology)
Hook and Line – District 4 (Fishing)
Electrify – District 5 (Power)
Fast Track – District 6 (Transportation)
Mahogany Magic – District 7 (Lumber)
Dress Me Up – District 8 (Textiles)
Harvest Moon – District 9 (Grain)
Foie Gras – District 10 (Livestock)
Agro – District 11 (Agriculture)
Smoke and Ashes – District 12 (Mining)
So that’s it. If you like the Hunger Games feel free to leave a comment. I always love talking about it 🙂 If you haven’t read it go grab a copy and let me know what you think!

One thought on “Current Obsession: The Hunger Games Trilogy

  1. They appear as star-crossed lovers before the capitol, yet some of the districs dont believe them….. Then the capitol says that if both the district tributes are left alive at the end they can both go home to their district, safe and sound. NOT! They find out about all the past winners, and how they were tortured or worse. Peeta gives the audience in the capitol a great show in Catching Fire though! This is the BEST book ive ever read!


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