So I’ll admit it…I didn’t follow football as close as I have in previous years. It is my favorite sport and I enjoy watching the games so I’m not sure exactly what happened this year. I was being a bad fan and it won’t happen again.
As I’m sure you’ve all heard…THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!! Not only are they in the Super Bowl, but they are playing the Giants who we lost to in 2008 with a final score of 17-14. It’s gonna be goooood.
In honor of my home team (I grew up just a few miles from the stadium so they really feel like my home team!) here is a little picture montage to get us ready for game time! ONLY 4 MORE DAYS!
Super Bowl 46!!!


Taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis – Playing Eli Manning on Peyton Manning’s home turf…it’s just too good!


Bob Kraft – New England Patriots Chairman and CEO
Head Coach Bill Belichick – he best be wearing that sweatshirt on Sunday!

And now…my favorite boys 🙂

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady


Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski – His ankle sprain better get better because I def wanna see him play on Sunday!


Wide Receiver Wes Welker – lovin’ the stache


Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork


You will notice that on the jerseys the Patriots have been wearing recently they have had a patch with the letters “MHK”. These letters stand for Myra Kraft, wife of Bob Kraft who passed away this past July after battling cancer.
Bob and Myra

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