Dinner at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Jaime and I went on a date…
We got another fabulous deal from Gilt City and for only $45 we got all of this goodness!
It was my first trip to Lolita and I will definitely be heading back soon 🙂
First up was a complimentary grapefruit granita topped off with a shot of tequila. They serve it over dry ice so it looks really cool when it comes over to the table!
Along with the granita we were served complimentary tortilla chips with a trio of salsas: salsa verde, fire roasted creama, and the house salsa. They also gave bottled, housemade habanero sauce if you like your salsa extra spicy!
All 3 were great so I couldn’t even pick a favorite! I tried the habanero sauce as well. It had a lot of flavor and wasn’t all heat which I love in a hot sauce. I have a high spice tolerance (if that is a thing?) and it was perfectly spicy for me 🙂
The Gilt City deal included an order of guacamole to share. We were pretty excited when our waitress told us we could have our pick of either fresco (their house guac), picante (extra spicy!), especial (crab and lobster), or tocina (smoked bacon).
We chose the especial because really…when have you ever heard of seafood on guacamole?? And it’s served with a side of garlic-wine butter.
Fresh lump crab and lobster on guac? Well it was GREAT! I tried a little of the butter drizzle but I didn’t think it made a huge difference on the taste. Definitely an interesting topping though!
The first of 2 appetizers came highly recommended…Sticky Spare Ribs with a cumin and coriander barbecue sauce with toasted sesame seeds and cilantro.
They were sticky.
And delicious.
And perfect.
They even give you warm towels after to wipe off your hands. And your face. And your clothes.
If you don’t know already you will soon…Jaime and I love corn on the cob.
Zocalo Corn. Grilled corn with a lime aoili. Dusted with chili powder and dipped in cotija cheese. Hello.
This corn was fantastic but still does not hold a candle to Papagayo’s Alotes a la Parilla (grilled corn, aleppo Pepper, lime aoili and cotija cheese). BEST. EVER.
For our entrees we each chose a taco. I went with Blackened Mahi Mahi. With jicama slaw, chipotle creama, fresh avocado salsa, and pepitas.
These were fresh and light and I would definitely eat these again!
Jaime went with the pork belly!
We were so full. $45 for all of that food?? What a crazy good deal.
And then we ordered dessert. Actually, we ordered a Bananarama.
Churros are our go-to for Mexican desserts but I am SO happy we decided to stray. In case you are wondering, a bananarama is a crispy fried banana-caramel cheesecake burrito with a side of dark chocolate ice cream and pecan brittle and a butterscotch sauce drizzle. NBD.
While I loved our entire meal I would go back to Lolita time and time again just for this dessert!!
As we were waiting for our bill we saw a giant green puff of cotton candy coming right towards us.
Lolita gives all of their customers a large portion of cotton candy (I think ours was green apple flavor??) topped with pop rocks.
So fun!
Lolita is at 217 Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay…I can’t wait to head back!
For more awesome deals like this head over to Gilt City and sign up 🙂

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