Fresh City Catered Salad Bar

A few weeks ago Fresh City was nice enough to contact me and offered to set up a salad bar in my office for 20 people.
How generous is that???
If you haven’t experiences Fresh City yet you really need to check them out! With locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey they serve a variety of stir fry, burritos, salads, sandwiches, soups, and smoothies. Their motto is “Live Life to the Freshest!” and they do this by using naturally-raised meat, poultry and seafood, hand-picked produce, cut fresh daily, and organic ingredients. 
Below are some of the beautiful images of our salad bar courtesy of Fresh City.
If you are looking for a creative catering order for your next office lunch I would highly recommend this salad bar!




Make sure to visit your nearest Fresh City for breakfast, lunch or dinner soon!

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