West Elm = Motivation to get organized

I have a new obsession with west elm. Every time I am on their site I want to give my house an entire facelift and buy everything from west elm alone.
Since I can’t do that I figured new year, I will plan to organize the entire house and update where I can as I go. The list of what needs to be cleaned out, donated, re-arranged, whatever, goes on for what seems like ever. I hate this project. But I will love it so much when its done which will hopefully be before 2014.
The first night I started out with my toiletries. I threw away anything that was almost gone and doesn’t get frequent use. Old makeup, lotions that I didn’t love, and random crap that ended up in the medicine cabinet. Goodbye. I cut down on the number towels I have as well.
The next night it was the sock drawer, some tanks and a portion of my closet. The night after that old purses and travel bags. Maybe I will actually be able to do this?
What I chose to update in my bedroom was my duvet cover and pillow shams. I purchased the Organic Cotton Pintuck Sea Spray duvet and two king shams from where else…west elm!
I love it so much! It just arrived today and I can’t wait to make the swap 🙂
Whenever I make it to the kitchen part of this project I have my eye on Crafted Dinnerware set for some new dishes. I especially love the over sized mugs – to be used as bowls obviously!
Either a set in all gray…
Or mix and matching looks pretty great too.
Check out west elm for some really great items for your home. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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