Pinterest Faves: Week of 1/27/13 – 2/2/13

Oh yeah!!
I got my weekly Pinterest faves up two weeks in a row…and only 1 day behind the Sunday schedule I want to stick with 🙂
First up…my next DIY project. All you need is some fabric, styrofoam boards and a stapler. Dress up any boring wall with your very own art work.
Now if I could only find some fabric I really like…
Suggestions on where to look?
These are my dream kitchen colors and textures:
Once I have my dream kitchen I will definitely want to have a pantry that looks like this:
The Farm’s Chicks Pantry – an organizational dream
This scarf is from the site Three Bird Nest and I bought it as soon as I saw it. I was so happy to find out this scarf was only $24! Check out their site they have really great clothes and accessories!
Two-toned infinity knitted scarf
This weekend’s excitement included a broken washer machine and a laundry closet in desperate need of a cleaning out. While looking at new machines online I got side tracked looking at ways to update the laundry closet so it gets the best use.
Which lead me here…this isn’t a closet but I love the wicker bins and the table on top of the machine to make folding clean clothes so easy.
I hope everyone had a great weekend (and how AMAZING Beyonce?!?!)

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