Pinterest Faves: Week of 4/28/13 – 5/4/13

I am the worst.

It has been WEEKS since I have put up some Pinterest faves, so this week I have quite a few good ones for you. I hope you like them as much as I do!!

I wish I loved working out as much as I love these pants from Under Armour


This past weekend I helped a good friend’s husband pull off a surprise 30th birthday party for her. I was in charge of decorating and went with a really fun neon theme for the night. We are a group of friends who really enjoy party props so I thought a photo booth would be perfect!

I found this website on Pinterest (obvi) and went a little nuts printing out mustaches, bow ties  hats, lips and sunglasses that I then glued on wooden sticks. I printed them on heavy cardstock and they looked adorable!


Here is one of the pictures of the photo booth in action at the party:

Me, Sarah (birthday girl), and Maddie

Me, Sarah (birthday girl), and Maddie

Love this idea to store cupcake liners, this way you can buy lots of different patterns and mix and match 🙂


My friends and I have rented a house in Newport, RI for the ENTIRE summer this year and we could not be more excited about it. There will be many long weekends ahead and plenty of beach days. Ah I can’t wait to be tan!!

How great is this for the beach? Freeze lemonade ahead of time and then grab it when it is time to head out. You can either let it melt completely or squeeze it while it’s still partially frozen to have a slushy treat.

beach lemonade

I can’t believe I have never seen anyone doing this before! Life-size beach beer pong?


You can purchase a set from but you could probably make a set of your own fairly cheap. Play at the beach, backyard bbqs, or tailgates and I can guarantee you will make friends instantly who want to join in.

beach beer pong

I can’t stop staring at this bathroom. I WANT.

So much storage and the separate makeup station. If heaven was a bathroom…


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