Pinterest Faves: Week of 6/9/13 – 6/15/13

Life is FINALLY getting back to normal since Vegas, thank god. I have had some time to relax and even pin some great stuff on Pinterest that I am excited to share with you today!

P.S. – Only 5 days until my summer rental in Newport, RI starts!!! AHHHH I’m so excited.


Did you know that Diane Keaton launched a design brand? I didn’t. It’s called K by Keaton and features housewares and bedding. I love this adorable plate to serve bite size appetizers on! You can find this plate and other designs from the collection at retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

bite plate

K by Keaton “Bite” plate

If you love everything bagels you will love this Everything Bagel Hummus with white beans from How Sweet It is. Don’t you want to dig right in?

everything bagel hummus

Everything Bagel Hummus from How Sweet It Is

I have been highlighting my hair blonde for pretty much ever, but I did dye it a dark chocolate brown once a few years ago. I loved it but eventually missed the blonde and it was a process to get it back to the color I liked.

However, this ombre looks has me thinking maybe it will be time to change it up again this fall. It’s just hair right?

ombre hair

Ombre hair

Keeping on the theme of ombre how about these ombre nails? I tried to do it once from a Pinterest tutorial and it didn’t come out so good but it might be time to try it again! These colors will look great with a Newport tan 🙂

ombre nails

Ombre nails from

I love hydrangeas and I found a great tutorial for paper ones at one you love. Seems simple enough right?

paper hydrangeas

Paper hydrangea tutorial from one young love

I am in love with all of the new designs from Hearts On Fire but this Lorelei Interlocking Heart Necklace might be my favorite – and I’m not usually one to want or wear heart jewelry. This piece comes in a metal intensive and diamond intensive version in white, yellow or rose gold.

The rose gold metal intensive version is my pick! How cute is the one diamond bezel set in the chain for a little added sparkle? It would look great stacked with one of Hearts On Fire’s Illa Pendants.

heart pendants

Hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed these Pinterest faves!

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