The CRAFT Gourmet

I recently received a sample pack of flavor infused olive oils from The CRAFT Gourmet which is a Boston based business that sells handcrafted olive oils. Flavors include Curry, Mint, Garlic, Meyer Lemon, Habanero, Orange, Lime, Fresh Basil, Rosemary, Rosemary with sun dried tomatoes and garlic, Dry Red Chili, and even Bacon. Each flavor is infused in small batches and is available by ORDER ONLY.

What struck me first was how much I liked their logo. It was plain and simple but it had a strong design and the choice of orange color looks good against the different oils in the clear bottles.


This sample pack are all 2oz bottles…


…but you can order 7oz to 8.5oz bottle in design choices of round, globe, square and skinny:


 Infused olive oils are a great item to have on hand to spice up quick meals. I used the garlic one to sauté vegetables I was mixing with brown rice and toasted almond slices. The habanero one I rubbed on chicken that I then seared in a pan to get the skin crispy and finished in the oven. It added the perfect amount of spice to the chicken!


How beautiful is this bottle?

I am looking forward to trying out the rest of the sample pack and then purchasing some larger size bottles of my own!

You can order your own bottles by visiting The CRAFT Gourmet’s website, calling 617.299.1227 or emailing

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