Molly’s Apothecary – Bath & Body Products That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts!

I first heard about a quaint store named Molly’s Apothecary while in Cape Cod this past summer with my family. We have a house in New Seabury and I was sitting on the beach talking to some of my parents friends. Everyone was raving about a “life-changing” face wash they bought in a store called Molly’s Apothecary inside of the Popponesset Marketplace. I have always struggled with break-outs and have tried everything from Proactiv to prescription treatments from a dermatologist so I was eager to try this out once I heard the results everyone had with it.

Molly’s Apothecary originally started as a soap studio in Medway, MA 12 years ago. They are known for their cold-processed soaps, lotions, creams, facial cleansers and other unique bath and body products. Everything is made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils and their scents are really fun and unique.

So off I went to purchase their Facial Cleanser with Jojoba Beads. Right off the bat I noticed the awesome airless pump it came in. No more struggle to get the last bits of face wash out, you will get every last drop! Ingredients in this face wash include organic sunflower and coconut oils, aloe vera juice, and a lovely blend of essential oils. Jojoba beads are added for gentle exfoliation.

Just like my parents friends said, my face cleared up and was much more hydrated after just 2 weeks of use twice a day! I was hooked and went back to the store to stock up on more  before they closed for the season. I also picked up a lotion called “Salty Salior” – not only did I love the name but it smells just like the beach and brings be back to summer every time I use it. It is quick drying and doesn’t leave your hands greasy after applying.


With my most recent order of face wash Ann, the awesome and extremely talented owner, threw in a few goodies for my to try. Not knowing what products it would be I anxiously awaited the package to come and tore it open before I was even in my front door.

I was SO excited to find a container of Whipped Pumpkin Souffle body scrub. I could smell its pumpkin-y goodness before I even unscrewed the lid.


I have used this a couple times already and I love it! My skin feels so smooth after and the smell is intoxicating. It is the perfect exfoliating texture and it is a nice large tub so it will last you a long time.


Ann also sent me the most beautiful bar of handmade soap in their “Beach” sent. It smells so fresh and clean and a really pretty feature on my sink when I have guests over.


Look at the beautiful detail and sparkle on the top!


If you are in Cape Cod next summer I recommend you pop into Molly’s Apothecary in the Popponesset Marketplace.

If you can’t stand to wait until summer (I can’t!!) to try out these awesome products check out their online shop called the Soap Bin and get your hands on some delicious smelling goodies today! All of their items make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.


Molly’s Apothecary in Medway also hosts small group gift-making parties. Party packages come with a choice of three projects per party: Soapcrafting, Lotion Making, Bubble Bath Cupcakes, Bubble Bath Slime, Perfume Making, Glitter Shower Gels, Lava Lip Glosses, and “Hidden Treasures” Bath Salts.

These parties are perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, and club outings that are looking for something out of the ordinary and guests get to bring home their projects.

Thank you to Ann and the team at Molly’s Apothecary for sending me these amazing products. I love them all and am looking forward to using your products for years to come!!


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