The Salty Pig

 The Sunday before the 2014 Boston Marathon my friends and I went to see the memorial exhibit “Dear Boston: Messages from the Marathon Memorial” at the Boston Public Library. It was a beautiful exhibit showcasing all of the memorabilia and messages left on Boylston Street after last years tragic events.

The exhibit is running through May 11th if you have not had a chance to see it yet.

Dear Boston Collage

Before the exhibit opened we stopped by The Salty Pig for brunch.


I have head great things about The Salty Pig and after trying Chef Kevin O’Donnell’s Lamb Shoulder “in Porchetta” with Baqna Cauda Sunchoke at the BCAE’s Beyond Beef event I knew I had to check this place out ASAP.

I love the open kitchen, high ceiling and large lighting fixtures.


As we looked over the menu we were served fresh bread and butter to snack on.


My roommate tried the Canadian Coffee – maple whiskey, amaretto, licore 43, and coffee. In her direct words “It is as brunch-y as you can make whiskey. And I mean that as a compliment”.



Canadian Coffee

We knew we had to get a charcuterie board and while there were many great options to choose from we decided on prosciutto di parma and smoked chorizo for meats and  manchego de corcuera and epoisses for cheese. To “round out the plate” we chose the Vermont Wildflower Honey. 

Each charcuterie board comes with pickles, mustard and a basket of crostinis.


This charcuterie board was so amazing we are still talking about it! I was impressed with the large portion of prosciutto and each item complimented one another really well. I love good honey and cook with it a lot so I need to track down where to buy Vemont Wildflower Honey as it might be the best I have tried so far.

If anyone knows please tell me!


My two friends chose the Pork Belly Confit & Eggs with roasted mushrooms, polenta, and asparagus. I tasted a bit of this and was blown away. The polenta was creamy but light and worked really well with the pork belly and only enhanced when the egg was broken to release the runny yoke.


Pork Belly Confit & Eggs over Polenta

My dish was the Pork Belly Hash with two eggs over easy and bacon-braised greens. I loved it.

The hash was made into a little potato pancake that was nice and crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. It was like eating the ultimate hashbrown.


Pork Belly Hash

The bill comes inside a note book where past customers have drawn cute pictures or written notes to the restaurant. I liked this little pig we found while flipping through the pages.


We all loved our meal so much we know we have to get back there to check out the dinner menu soon.

I can’t wait!


The Salty Pig
130 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116


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