Summerlandish: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

Today I am straying from my usual ramblings about food, Beachbody, and Boston life to tell you about one of the FUNNIEST books I read in a really long time.

I have had a copy of Summerlandish for a few weeks now but I have been waiting for a chance to give it my full attention and my flight to New Orleans for work last week was the perfect opportunity.




Summerlandish is a hilarious memoir written by Summer Land (yes that is her REAL name) that touches upon all of life’s important lessons. Starting from when Summer was a child growing up in Gainseville, Florida, to studying at Emerson College in Boston and now to living with her husband and adorable daughter in Australia, this book is sure to keep you entertained and laughing from cover to cover. To learn a little bit more about Summer check this out.


Summer Land


I will tell you, I am not an avid reader but when I get my hands on a book I like there is no putting it down. I knew the book was going to be funny, but I didn’t realize it was going to be laugh out loud so hard that strangers on the airplane look at me kind of funny! On top of being absolutely hysterical, Summer is a thoughtful and  caring daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother.

I was so lucky to be put in touch with Summer through my Boston Bloggers group. She generously sent me a copy of her book (all the way from Australia) and we have chatted here and there through email and over Twitter and Instagram. Summer and I are just about the same age so a lot of the books references from Summer’s childhood are things I was obsessed with growing up – think the fabulous fashion of the early 1990’s (specifically from the Limited Too), Britney Spears, movies such as Titanic and The Craft, and a mild obsession with Spencer Gifts just to name a few.

I was so excited when I got my book I even posted a #SummerlandishSelfie!!




Summer, you are freakin AWESOME! If you ever come back to Boston I would love to buy you a drink (since I know how coffee can make you go crazy) but unfortunately we cannot drink at Daisy’s since it sadly closed its doors this year 😦 Feel free to bring Donna, she seems like “not a regular mom, but a cool mom” if ya know what I’m saying? Her Donnalandish thoughts  in the book just cracked me up.




I love when an authors writing style is similar to how they would speak in a face to face conversation. I try t to write that way and I felt like Summer‘s writing is very personable. She has a style that makes you feel like you were in that specific moment with her. Without giving away too much from the book (since you definitely should be getting your hands on a copy of your own) I want to highlight a few of my favorite parts:

– “Do: Get some Boston Common sense.” This whole section is clearly a favorite of mine being a lifelong Bostonian..

– The entire page talking about watching the Justin Bieber ‘Never Say Never’ movie for the first time and becoming a “Belieber”…I had that moment as well. Yes, I was 26 years old when it happened. I am not ashamed.

– “Do: Approach Halloween like a Pro.” aka dress up as your favorite Playboy bunny at 8 years old not knowing that costume is not appropriate for school. Hysterical.

– Meeting Fabio in the LA airport


Summer Land 2


Summer is so totally awesome she has offered to give one of my readers their very own copy of Summerlandish!! Enter below…the winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 20th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


You can get your own, signed, copy of Summerlandish: Do As I Say, Not as I Did on or you can download it for your Amazon Kindle or Nook or on iTunes.

And if you still can’t get enough of Summerlandish check out Summer’s YouTube series, Confessions of Another Blonde on the Internet.


Summerlandish book


Good luck with the giveaway and don’t forget to post your picture and hashtag #SummerlandishSelfie and #OMGmetoo once you get your hands on a copy!

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to Summer for giving me a copy of her book, chatting with me over these past few weeks, and just being all around awesome! I cannot WAIT for book #2!!






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