Matlaw’s Stuffed Clams

Summer to me means spending time in Newport, RI with friends and eating tons of seafood. Some of my favorite seafood items are oysters, steamers and of course stuffed clams (aka “Stuffies”. Living in New England we are so lucky to be able to have some of the freshest and tastiest seafood in the country right at our fingertips.

Matlaw’s Seafood is based locally in Gloucester, MA and while they carry a variety of fresh frozen seafood, they are best known for their signature stuffed clams. These Stuffies are the perfect size to eat as an appetizer or to have as a side dish with each clam coming in right around 100 calories each and being low in sodium.




What I liked so much about these Stuffies were how easy they were to prepare. Unwrap and toss under the broiler or wrap in tin foil and toss them  on the grill. They cook in 25-30 minutes too! I cooked mine on the grill because we happened to be grilling some steak tips that night as well. It made for a nice little surf and turf!






I love how the grill even browned them just slightly on top!




If you want to try Matlaw’s New England Stuffed Clams you are in luck!! New England and New York Stop & Shop stores will be running a sale from May 15th – July 9th. Get 1 package for $3.99 or 2 for $7.00. Turn your next summer dinner party into Stuffie party by checking out their variety of flavors or serve alongside other Matlaw’s seafood such as shrimp, cod, salmon or flounder.


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