Adult Coloring Book Giveaway

If you thought coloring was just a childhood activity think again!

Recently it seems everywhere I look friends, family, fellow bloggers, people on Instagram, are obsessed with COLORING!

The art of coloring has proven to be a source of relaxation and stress release. People find the repetition of shapes to be soothing and it is a great exercise when you feel you need to clear your mind and focus.

I received a copy of the Let It Go! adult coloring book and I was so excited to check out all of the different pages. What I love most about this book is that all pictures were hand drawn by creator Sherise Seven to create unique pieces of art and that it includes different art and coloring exercises to help you clear your mind and de-stress.


Adult coloring book GIVEAWAY!!

This is the first page I have started to color in. I tend to switch back and forth between using markers and colored pencils depending on the picture and my mood.




I love this unicorn drawing and it will be my next page I fill in with color!




This is a great exercise to help you learn the technique of black and white coloring.




Don’t be scared to experiment and try different color combinations. There is even a page for you to experiment on in this book.




I love all of the different quotes placed throughout the book. Most of them relate to the artwork on the next page to help give you inspiration.




Take a peek through the entire Let It Go! coloring book. You can get your hands on a copy of your own here.



I am excited because I have one additional copy of the Let It Go! coloring book to give away to a lucky reader. A winner will be chosen on Friday, December 18, 2016.

Good luck and happy COLORING!

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