Join me in 2016 for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Over 1 year later and I still feel awkward when I go to post about my health and nutrition business. As I wrote this I stopped myself and realized – if I am so in love with this opportunity that changed my life for the better in so many ways during 2015 you might be too!

SO SCREW IT – I’m sharing it for those who do want to learn more.

I am looking for 2 motivated people who want to learn how to start and run their own online health and fitness business. 2015 was my first full year working this business PART TIME and I am starting 2016 with $7,600 more in my bank account. I will work with you personally to tailor your business to meet your needs and goals – there is not one “right” way to do this so let’s have some fun and make it your own!

People always ask me WHY I love this business so much and it is because I get to help people reach their health and fitness goals and see how happy they are when they start to see changes they never thought were possible. I also love it because it has helped me develop a healthy relationship with working out and food that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am constantly getting stronger, seeing amazing changes in the shape of my body, and trying out new challenging workouts I never thought I could do! And of course extra $ to supplement the income from my full time job is always a plus along with the amazing people I have met and the trips I have taken and will be taking in 2016 (hello Tahoe and Nashville!)

So if you are curious let’s chat! Leave a comment on this post or email me at ?




Happy New Year and Cheers to 2016!! ?


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