Want to eat clean and organic on a budget?

Anyone else avoid shopping at Whole Foods because of the price? I did for years but ever since the one in South End opened up I have become OBSESSED. The quality really is better!

ON THE MENU THIS WEEK: Turkey Meatballs with homemade sauce over zoodles/pasta, Poached eggs over sauteed asparagus and butternut squash, almond milk and bananas to put in my shake, spinach and tomato salad, avocado toast, homemade (clean) hollandaise sauce using the greek yogurt. MMmmm

This week I spent a total of $62.88 on groceries for the next 7 days. This breaks down to $8.98 per day and only $2.99 per meal!! If I calculate in the cost of my shake with this is breaks down to $12.75 per day and $4.25 per meal. Yes, I have other staples already at home such as olive oil, coconut oil, a loaf of bread, spices so I did not calculate those.

I have learned over the past year how to buy exactly what I am going to eat so food doesn’t go bad. Although it may not look like a lot of variety I get creative and use these ingredients in a few different meals throughout the week so I don’t get bored 🙂

Who said eating clean and organic was expensive??

I love to meal plan and figure out budgets so if that is something you are struggling with let’s chat! I can help you make a meal plan for the week to feed yourself or your entire family within your budget! Leave a comment on this post or email me at ? emily.goodmanBB@gmail.com.



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