Cafe Latte Shakeology vs. McDonald’s Mocha Coffee Frappe

Today is Day 2 of my 3 Day Refresh and I woke up feeling great! I can definitely feel my bloat disappearing and my stomach already seems flatter.


During the refresh breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because I still get to drink my beloved Shakeology. This morning I blended up the brand new Cafe Latte flavor and drank it along side a serving of blueberries. As you can see it is a pretty substantial breakfast and I am definitely not hungry after having it.


3 Day Refresh - Day 2


I have been a loyal chocolate Shakeology drinker since September 2014. I have tried the vanilla and strawberry flavors but they just weren’t for me since they were much sweeter. However, since the new Cafe Latte flavor debuted last month I have been HOOKED.

It has a nice strong coffee flavor since it uses the whole coffee fruit and I am getting my daily dose of superfoods when I drink it. It is by far my healthiest meal of the day!

My mom and I love the coffee frappes from McDonald’s and Cafe Latte tastes just like the frappe I loved growing up, minus all of the added calories, fat, and carbs!! I go back and forth between blending it with ice and water and ice and almond milk (almond milk gives it an even creamier consistency so it resembles a frappe even more). My mom even got a bag for herself and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks!

Check out the comparison of the nutritional breakdown of each drink below…I was blown away to see the difference!!


Mocha Frappe vs. Cafe Latte


Interested in learning more about the 3 Day Refresh or trying Shakeology? Comment on this post ⬇ or email me at ? and let’s chat!

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