3 Day Refresh – the results!

There is no better feeling committing to something and following through with it start to finish!

While this wasn’t the most enjoyable 3 days, it was totally doable and I am so proud of myself for completing them. I didn’t veer off track of the program ONCE the entire time!!

This was my second time doing the refresh and this time around it was much easier because I knew what to expect. When doing the refresh it is suggested to pause your workouts or to do a recovery workout such as pilates or yoga so that your body’s energy can focus on detoxing. I personally think that everyone is different and that you should listen to your body and do what you think is best for you. If you feel energized and want to do a workout – go for it! ?

What I love most about the refresh is the quick results and how it rids your body of bloat and cravings. When I woke up today I was craving my whole, clean foods and I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

? TIP: Drink plenty of water during the 3 days. It will help flush your system, keep you from getting headaches, and to  further increase your results. I aim to drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water per day - it's a constant struggle for me!

Here is how I felt throughout the 3 days. I find Day 2 to always be the biggest struggle:

Day 1

Mood: Excited and motivated!

Hunger: A little come mid-afternoon but luckily there is an afternoon snack.

Energy: Low – most likely since I came off a week of travel where my sleep patterns were off and I was eating anything and everything. I also had a little headache since I struggle to drink enough water every day.


Day 2

Mood: Bored, I miss my meals (esp my carbs!!) and my high intensity workouts.

Hunger: None, my body was adjusting to the refresh.

Energy: High, I slept great the night before and made sure to drink more water today than I did the day before.


Day 3

Mood: Excited again – this was the last day! I felt like I was on top of the world and could complete anything I put my mind to!

Hunger: None – I was oddly liking my veggies in coconut oil and made it for dinner 2 nights in a row.

Energy: High – so much so I even snuck in a pilates workout because my body was craving movement and stretching.


The results

I am excited to say that in 3 days I lost 4lbs total, 1.5 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my hips!!!

I feel so energized and any cravings I had when I started are gone!! (Seriously, I got a gift sent to me last night full of yummy dark chocolate and I didn’t even have to struggle to put them in the pantry to have at another time!). I am so excited to get back into my normal routine and totally CRUSH my Hammer & Chisel workout later this afternoon ?






Want to learn more about the 3 Day Refresh or trying it out for yourself? Leave a comment on this post below ⬇ or email me at ? emily.goodmanBB@gmail.com. I would love to chat with you!


2 thoughts on “3 Day Refresh – the results!

  1. Congrats on your Refresh results Emily! My wife and I had similar results- about 4 pounds and an inch off our waists in 3 days. I loved getting on the scale each morning to see another pound gone. Thx for sharing!


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