Natural Choices

As I have become more aware of the quality of foods I eat and beauty products I use I have also become more conscious of what cleaning products I use around my house.

I was really excited to receive some cleaning products from Natural Choices in the mail (from a fellow Beachbody Coach!) to try out for myself. When these products arrived I had JUST gotten my house cleaned (a perk I treat myself to using my supplemental income I get from coaching) so today I will be reviewing the  Mineral Magic.

Once the house starts to get dirty again I will come back with a post about the glass cleaner. I also just got back from a work trip to Chicago this week with TONS of laundry to do and I can’t wait to use the Oxy-Prime powdered laundry detergent. Be on the lookout for a post about that as well!




Natural Choices is a product of Pacific Sands Inc.

Based in Kenosha, WI, Pacific Sands Inc. makes and sells environmentally friendly, natural cleaning products for your home. Along with Natural Choices eco-friendly cleaners they also sell Ecoone pool and spa treatments. Their products are never tested on animals and all of the packaging is recyclable.

Before my trip this week I tried out the Mineral Magic on my sink. As I food blogger I am constantly cooking and my sink sees a lot of action!

I took some before and after pictures of the build up I was able to remove and it left my whole sink sparkling clean! I can’t wait to use Mineral Magic again once I really make a mess ?








It’s hard to tell in the photos but I had a lot of build up around the base of the faucet and soap dispenser and the Mineral Magic got rid of it all!

Stay tuned for a review of the glass cleaner and Oxy-Prime powdered laundry detergent next week!

In the meantime, the folks at Natural Choices would like to offer you 15% off your order so head on over and check out all the great, environmentally safe, products that Natural Choices has to offer.

Use the code BlogLover15% at checkout.

**Note: this code may be used 1 time per person and cannot be combined with any other coupons.



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