Labor Day Weekend 2016: Montauk, NY

This past weekend I packed up my bags and headed to Montauk, NY to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. I am naturally so sad to see summer end but it was fun to celebrate  with some amazing friends! Did you know Montauk is where the show The Affair takes place?? I didn’t!




Getting from Boston to Montauk is not the easiest (or quickest trip). After chatting with a few people who have made the trip before we decided this was the route we were going to take: Drive to the Cross Sound Ferry in New London, CT > take the ferry to Orient Point > drive from Orient Point to Montauk. It cost us $55 to bring 1 person along with an car which I found to be very affordable however, the cost will depend on the size of your car. Additional tickets for people traveling without cars are $16. The ferry takes 1 hour and 20 minutes and there is a deli and a full bar located on board.

I mapped out our trip below but your other option would be to hop on another ferry once reaching Orient Point and taking that over to Montauk. Next time we head to Montauk we are going to try that alternate route so we can compare and decide which is faster and easier.




Although it was a long trek it was totally worth it!! There are some really cute towns and large vineyards you drive through and if you are lucky enough to arrive off the ferry at sunset it make the drive just that more beautiful.




Upon arriving our first stop was to meet our friend Amanda at Moby’s in East Hampton to kick off the weekend with celebratory cocktails.


Pre-weekend shakin!

A photo posted by Moby’s (@mobysny) on




Our home for the weekend was the charming Haven Montauk. This boutique motel features 27 guest rooms, a private pool, and even a s’mores pit!



Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk





Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk



Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk


RM 09 is a reconfigured guest room on property used as a store featuring apparel and home decor from popular indie brands.


Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk

Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk


Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk

Photo courtesy of Haven Montauk


I absolutely love dream catchers and I thought this large one hanging in the store was gorgeous. Coincidentally they are the symbol for my business and my team!




Saturday was our first full day and we started the day heading into East Hampton for breakfast. I am not going to go into detail on the food here however, I will have a whole separate post coming in the next few days to tell you all about it! After we ate we headed back to downtown Montauk to check out the scene and stumbled upon this adorable outdoor market.




I purchased this elephant bracelet because the color of the stone against the red string especially popped and really caught my eye.




Heading back to the car we came across this giant statue and I naturally had to snap a photo!





If you are visiting Montauk checking out The Beach Club at Gurney’s is a must! Just a quick cab ride away from our hotel (FYI no Ubers in Montauk!!) and located in the back of the hotel we found ourselves walking into a lively scene with a beach bar, private cabanas, and an awesome DJ playing all of our favorite songs.




Upon arriving we started chatting with some of the staff and met Mike, the General Manager. Mike was AMAZING and kept coming over to check on us, see if we were having fun, and even sending over this complimentary bottle of Rose for us to enjoy.




This is probably the BIGGEST bottle of Rose I have ever seen!!


Gurneys 5


People kept bringing the DJ bottles of Grey Goose and they weren’t drinking them and as a result this happened…


Gurneys 6


Which led to one epic dance party right on the beach!!



It turns out these two guys work full time in finance in NYC. After DJ-ing at Gurney’s during July 4th they were asked to return for Labor Day. This time around they arrived wearing these hysterical shirts! My friend Sara posed for a picture with them after they were done.


Gurneys 7


Saturday evening we had dinner at Swallow East followed by drinks at The Surf Lodge. Sunday we spent by the hotel pool followed by dinner and more drinks at Ruschmeyer’s.




Spending the final summer weekend in Montauk was the perfect way to close out the summer.

Stay tuned for another post featuring the food and drinks we had during the weekend. For now, it’s back to the real world!


Montauk 7

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