Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

On my journey to better health and overall wellness I have been focusing a lot on creating a relaxing and calming space within my home. Having an oil diffuser in your home has many benefits besides just making a room smell amazing and I was really excited to partner with Anjou Naturals to try out their Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser.

When I first opened up the box I immediately loved the sleek design. My diffuser was easy to set up and I chose to put it in my living room right next to my couch since I spend the majority of my time at home in that space.


I have a few different oils already at home but lavender is always my favorite so I grabbed the bottle, filled the diffuser up according to the package directions, and within minutes I was already feeling calm and relaxed. Anjou also has their own line of oils so I will definitely be checking out their gift kit to see what other scents I like best.




What I loved most about the Anjou diffuser is that you get up 8 hours of use and that it will automatically shut off when the water is gone. Or you can set a timer and only have it run for a set length of your choosing. You also have the option to use the multicolor light feature where you can choose your favorite from 7 different colors or let it change color on its own.



Benefits of using an essential oil diffuser:

  1. Relaxation and Sleep <<< This is what I mostly use my diffuser for!
  2.  Elevates your mood
  3. Fight off sickenss
  4.  Reduces inflammation and congestion
  5. Pain relief
  6.  Improve cognitive function
  7. Safer to candles & incense which is great if you are in an office or have small children around


The Anjou diffuser is so quiet so it won’t disrupt you and it also acts as a humidifier adding moisture to the air.  I have used other diffusers in the past but their quality just cannot compare with Anjou‘s. It has a stronger mist that other ones I have tried which really helped to disperse the fragrance. On top of that it looks great as part of the decor in my home. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for the other rooms in my house and you can get your own right on Amazon!

What is your favorite oil to use? And let me know if you get the Anjou diffuser for yourself by commenting on this post!

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