Core De Force – Free Sneak Peek Workout 10/24 only!

How badass does this Core De Force workout look?


Do you like boxing, kickboxing, or Muay Thai inspired workouts? I am so excited to announce that you will now be able to try the brand new Core De Force workout for FREE on Monday, Oct 24th right from the comfort of your own home ???



What is Core De Force?


Core De Force is NOT your run-of the-mill kickboxing program. Inspired by mixed martial arts and using 360-Degree Core Training each move, whether it is a jab, kick, or uppercut will engage and work your core to help you tighten up and carve out that defined waist you have always wanted.


This is a 30 day program with 8 different 30-45 minute workouts plus bonus core and kinetics workouts. No equipment needed!


Each workout is modeled after a traditional boxing match featuring 3-minute “rounds” designed to help you push as hard as you can for a short period of time. You will combine boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai moves along with body weight training and cardio spikes to help you shred fat and gain strength and speed.


Core De Force


How to try this workout out for FREE on Monday 10/24:

  1. Add yourself to the event page by clicking here
  2. Send me your email (you can do this by posting it in the comments below ⬇️, on a new post within the event page ?, or by emailing me at ??)


Help us Fight For a great cause!




Along with getting to try a Core De Force workout for FREE, for every single person who tries this workout through the Beachbody On Demand (BOD) Sneak Peek the Beachbody Foundation will donate up to $250,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. You can help us reach our goal simply by getting your sweat on with the BOD Sneak Peek.


On Monday, October 24th, all you have to do is log in to Beachbody On Demand through the link I send you and try the Core De Force BOD Sneak Peek workout. Beachbody will donate $10 on your behalf (up to $250,000) to provide children with the right opportunities, tools and support needed to promote self-confidence, health and empowerment through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Foundation. Let’s #BeAPositiveForce for our youth!!


I will continue to post more information about Core De Force in the Facebook event page between now and Monday. Can’t wait to see you there!!


2 thoughts on “Core De Force – Free Sneak Peek Workout 10/24 only!

  1. How are you making out with the workout? First week was tough for me simply because I am not that flexible. Tough to do the kicking, but a few weeks in and I feel much better. Looking forward to another round!


    1. Hey Chris! Thanks so much for the comment, I always check out your site!! I am loving this workout so much!! It goes by so fast (even the days we do doubles haha) and I am always drenched in sweat. I am looking forward to another round as well to improve my progress and flexibility.


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