Night Pillow – 30 Day Review

When I was back in NYC in November my friend has this beautiful sleek black pillow that felt like a cloud when laying on it. She informed me it was the NIGHT Pillow™ and I immediately had to know more about it!



Those close to me know that I have been struggling with hair growth for the past two years and during that time I have tried quite a few silk and satin pillow cases to help minimize damage while I sleep along with countless hair treatments and products. So when I saw the pillow I was most intrigued by the proprietary spandex silk cover that is meant to help keep moisture in your skin and hair.



What is really cool about this pillow is that you don’t need any extra pillow cases! You sleep directly on the custom TriSilk™ moisturizing pillowcase that comes pre-assembled on your NIGHT Pillow™ to maximize the benefits. If the black hue of the pillow doesn’t match your room decor, no problem! Just tuck it behind your regular pillows during the day until you are ready for bed at night.  I love mine so much I keep it right out on my bed and will even bring it into my living room for those lazy days on the couch where I want to just lay down and watch a movie. Don’t worry, the TriSilk™ pillowcase can be easily removed and is machine washable to keep your pillow fresh and clean 🙂



Upon receiving my pillow, I wanted to document my experience with it for the first 30/60/90 days.


Here is what I have experienced so far in 30 days:

  • My hair is WAY less frazzled and tangled when I wake up in the morning and it actually did GROW (pictures below). Using a regular  pillow case I always woke up with my hair all over the place and it was never in a condition I could style it without washing and blow drying it all over again. Since I am trying to limit the amount of times I wash my hair per week waking up with my hair tame, smooth, and SO SHINY has been a game changer! The TriSilk™ pillowcase also helps to minimize split ends since your hair doesn’t get caught on the case like it can on a regular cotton case which cause major hair damage while you sleep.
  • My upper back and neck pain is dramatically reduced. I have chronic upper back and neck pain that comes from long hours sitting hunched over at my desk. While I try to combat this by proper posture and regular massages I realized how important proper support while sleeping is as well. The NIGHT Pillow™ actually has self-adjusting oxygenated memory foam so there is no need to stack this pillow with others, it will actually mold to your body and your most comfortable sleep position. Within a few days of sleeping on it I had a custom pillow that worked for me!
  • My skin has never looked better! This is by far the most noticeable difference for me NIGHT Pillow™. This pillow actually helps to improve the effectiveness of facecreams by wicking absorption and helps distribute the creams for improved results. Now my expensive GLAMGLOW hydrating cream can really go to work 🙂


I am really excited to see some hair growth these past 30 days…and I even got a trim during that time to get rid of my split ends and it’s still longer than it was in the beginning of December. I have this weird thing happening on the right side of my head where the hair almost looks as if it has been damaged and breaks off and appears shorter than the rest of my hair. I have tried COUNTLESS remedies and I cannot take biotin because it causes me to severely break out so I am beyond excited to see a difference, especially from the back. Every night I brush my hair with a natural bristle brush, massage in some Moroccan oil with a few drops of peppermint oil, and sleep with it in a braid. Once a week a do a saturating coconut oil mask as well. I also try to only wash my hair 3 times per week and use as little heat as possible.





For those of you who are wondering how my hair looks so long in my pictures it is because I love to wear clip in hair extensions. I find it really fun to be able to switch it up and get more glam for a night out and my favorite brand are the Euronext ones from Sally’s Beauty. The color matches my hair perfectly I don’t even have to dye them!! I refuse to put permanent extensions in since I think it will do more damage to my hair and I love being able to take them in and out and really scrub my hair when I wash it.



These are the top three things I have noticed within just the first 30 days of sleeping on the NIGHT Pillow™ and I am looking forward to sharing with you after 60 and 90 days! If you would like to read about ALL of the benefits of sleeping on the NIGHT Pillow™ check this out!



If you want to get the NIGHT Pillow™ pillow for yourself don’t forget to submit your email on their website so you can get $10 off your 1st order!

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