Night Pillow – 60 Day Review

It’s been a full 60 days on my NIGHT Pillow™ and I am still so in love! I had some travel during the month of January  and I was seriously contemplating packing my pillow to bring with me – I wish I did because the nights I had to sleep without it were definitely not as comfortable. Seriously, no pillow compares to the NIGHT Pillow™,


Here is what I have experienced so far in 60 days:

  • While I haven’t much change in my hair growth since my first 30 days I think part of that was that I have not been consistent with my non-sleeping hair care routine such as weekly coconut oil hair masks and limiting washing to 3x per week and only putting heat on my hair 1-2xs per week. However, I am happy to see that I have maintained the growth I had during the  month of December
  • My chronic upper back and neck pain is gone! The NIGHT Pillow™ provides so much more support due to the self-adjusting oxygenated memory foam.
  • My skin feel oh-so hydrated. Did you know NIGHT Pillow™ wicks away absorption and helps distribute the creams for improved results? Hydrated skin = prevention of fine lines and wrinkles!
  • I am having fewer breakouts. I have struggled with acne since I was a kid and I have tried EVERY remedy out there from topical creams, to prescriptions. As an adult I have definitely been picker about what products I use on my skin and opt for all-natural, non-harsh products. I love how the NIGHT Pillow™  repells pollutants that typically collect on your sleep surface to help fight acne as well.
  • Sleep marks be gone!! I never wake up with those pesky sheet marks I used to get from using a standard pillow case.








If you want to get the NIGHT Pillow™ pillow for yourself don’t forget to submit your email on their website so you can get $10 off your 1st order!




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