Are you ready for March Madness?

And just like that…it’s March! 



Although winter here in Boston really wasn’t that bad I am SO looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, and sticking my winter coat in the closet for good.


The beginning of the year is an interesting time. We start out fired up to start working towards our New Year’s resolutions but yet so few of us actually stick with them. Life starts to get in the way in the way and we get off track. Then panic sets in that warmer weather is quickly approaching, we are on the cusp of wedding season and so many of us have vacations planned.


Well don’t panic! This is where I come in to help you!!


As a coach it is my job to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that are everlasting! Think about what you want to accomplish. Do you have a specific amount of weight you want to lose? Area you want to tone? Do you need help developing healthier eating habits or finding new unique recipes that not only taste great but make you feel great as well? I know so many people struggle with these things and that is where I come in!


I wanted to send you this email to invite you to my March Madness online accountability and support group. This online community is where I get all of my mojo and where all of the magic happens. Since we use at-home fitness programs we really rely on our daily group check-ins and I know seeing all of the other participants do their workouts, share their recipes, and get results motivates me to do mine as well.



Along with the accountability this group is going to have a fun March Madness Bracket Theme tied into the actual NCAA games where you will have the opportunity to participate in fun challenges that will get you some fun prizes and help you achieve your goals.


If you are interested in joining please let me know by replying to to this email or by requesting to join the group directly on Facebook.


And last by very not least I have exciting news to share! Due to the popularity of the Beachbody On Demand All-Access Challenge Pack it was announced that the challenge pack is here to stay! If you are wanting to take charge of your health and fitness but don’t know where to start this is where its at!


The All-Access Challenge Pack includes:

  • 1 year digital access to Beachbody On Demand (think of this as the Netflix of fitness)
  • Portion Fix eating plan and color coded containers to ensure you are eating enough of the right clean, whole, non-processed foods
  • 30 day supply of Shakeology inf your flavor of choice to help you achieve and maintain your results for the long term



You can check out the All-Access Challenge Pack here. Or feel free to reach out to me by email or through Facebook with any questions you have!


I hope you see you in my March Madness group!!


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