It’s time to make a ⚡SHIFT⚡

Be one of the FIRST to try this revolutionary new fitness and nutrition program with me!



I just got back from the Coach Summit in New Orleans where I learned all about breakthrough 3 WEEK fitness and nutrition program called Shift Shop.

After meeting trainer Chris Downing and testing out one of the workouts live with him (and about 1,000 other people) I was hooked.



This program is revolutionary because of the “ramp-up” method which will start you off slow then gradually increase the intensity as you progress through the 3 weeks. And don’t worry, there is an AMAZING modifier to follow if you are unable to do the moves full-out. Following the modifier can help you to increase your strength and endurance so eventually you can move on and do the moves at full speed and range. Workouts alternate between cardio and strength and start out at 25 minutes for Week 1, 35 minutes for Week 2, and 45 minutes for Week 3.

Along with the fitness we are going to refine our nutrition with a simple to follow, clean eating plan that will progressively eliminate grains, legumes, and the starchier carbs so that by Week 3 you are focusing mostly on lean protein and veggies and burning stored fat in the body for energy during your workouts > this is going to give you some KILLER results in only 3 weeks! I even have an EXCLUSIVE recipe book that I will be providing only to those who join me on 7/31 for even more meal ideas along with what comes with your Shift Shop eating plan!



If you have been following me for a while you have probably seen some of my own transformation photos and know that I have lost over 20lbs through at home workouts and simple nutrition. It’s not always easy but it’s a journey I am proud to be on and share with you through social media and my private wellness community. And I am so ready for this new journey to make the ultimate SHIFT!

This is going to be intense. This is going to be a challenge. But I’ve had a few friends who got to test it out pre-launch and it WORKS. Check out their transformation photos!!!


Join me starting 7/31 to make the ultimate SHIFT! 

Secure your spot by filling out this form or click the button below.



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