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Hi there!

My name is Emily. Welcome to my world! What started as a place to organize my recipes without a recipe box (I hate clutter!) has turned into so much more over the past few years. 

I am a corporate event planner, blogger, entrepreneur, and online health and fitness coach. I am passionate about food (especially pasta) and you will always find me creating a new recipe or checking out a new restaurant either in my home city of Boston or when I am on the road traveling for work or pleasure. I am a huge New England Patriots football fan and each season you can find me at quite a few of the home games where I love to tailgate and cook up yummy treats and cocktails for my friends!

My health and fitness journey started in September 2014. After months of trying to commit to a gym and constantly being on the road for work made it hard for me to stay consistent. When I did get to the gym it was usually after working a full day and then needed to spend at least an hour there waiting to get on a machine I wanted or to go to a group exercise class. By the time I got home it was close to 8pm and I was totally drained. Wasn’t exercise supposed to give you energy?? On top of that I was paying $70/month to be a member {that is $840 a YEAR!!} so it was basically like throwing the money straight in the trash.

I am a huge foodie and going out to eat and enjoying delicious cocktails is a huge part of my life, and a part I will never give up! However, without exercise my pants were starting to get tight and I was unhappy in my own skin. I found myself covering up in flowy shirts, choosing leggings over jeans, or not rocking a cute dress because I hated the way it looked. Formal affairs such as weddings or holiday parties gave me anxiety because I didn’t feel comfortable in any of the clothes I wanted to wear.

When the opportunity to join a private online accountability group was presented to me, I was extremely hesitant. Would I be able to commit? Am I going to STARVE?! I swore up and down this was not for me. I already had my mind set that after the 3 weeks in the group were up I would be done with it and would go back to my normal, inconsistent, life convinced nothing would change me.

To my surprise, I loved the accountability group! I found myself posting in it daily letting everyone know I got my 30 minute workout in or sharing a new recipe I was so inspired to create. I loved the people in the group because we had similar interests and they were always so supportive and encouraging. I became really happy working out at home and was seeing RESULTS! I had more energy, my clothes were fitting better, my skin was glowing.

People started noticing there was a difference in me and began to ask me what I was up to. They were curious about what changed so quickly and looking to me for help and accountability so they too could feel great and I was more than happy to help them.

By October I down 7lbs and 9.5 inches {in a MONTH!!} and I started running my own wellness community for others who saw the change in me in such a short time and wanted to know exactly what I did to feel the way I was feeling {happy, strong, confident, empowered}. What started out as my personal fitness journey has turned into so much more! I have met so many new people who have become close friends, I have created a supplemental income that I can use in any way I choose, and I get to travel EVEN more.

What excites me the most is my team of amazing people who trusted me and took a leap of faith to join me on this journey. They are changing other peoples lives through health, fitness and freedom and creating a life they only dreamed of for themselves!

Every day I am proud of what I am accomplishing both with my personal health and fitness as well as building my dream life. I am still a work in progress and every day is not perfect but I love every second of it! Currently I am down over 20lbs and I lost track of the inches because it changes all the time. I have never felt more happy, and more healthy and this is only the beginning!!

I started this page to share my journey with you. I hope it inspires you to go after what you are passionate about! We only get 1 life so why not make it the best one? If you have questions about any of my recipes or are interested in getting started in your own health and wellness journey and or the coaching business opportunity please contact me using the form below.



One thought on “About and Contact

  1. Emily – Be Our Guest!
    At the Market’s Lovin’ Local: a Blogger Event

    I adore reading your blog (and thanks a ton for the Shake Shack pointer, I had no idea!) and wanted to invite your for a visit to The Market at The Pinehills in Plymouth (not too far from Southie I promise) so we can introduce you to some of the area’s great local food vendors and so you can enjoy some delicious food made entirely of local ingredients. We are putting together an event later this month for influential area bloggers like yourself, to promote the wonderful and important world of buy-local. The Market aims to provide the freshest locally-sourced foods around while also providing a customer experience that is reminiscent of the days when a visit to your local store meant you knew the butcher and the baker by their first names.

    Here’s what will happen on this special Lovin’ Local blogger event at The Market. You will meet the local farmers and suppliers that make The Market “buy-local” central. You taste and sample local seafood, pastries, coffee, meats, cheeses and more. The Market’s on-site chef, Chef Dane will create meals using only local ingredients for you to try. You will learn the importance of local and what a difference in taste and texture local products represent. All of our vendors and Market staff are brand enthusiasts eager to meet with you. It promises to be fun, informative and of course, delicious!

    We’ve planned this event to run from 2-4pm on Wednesday, May 22nd, but can be flexible if this date or time will not work for you. The Market is an intimate experience that beautifully contrasts with the super-supermarkets we all have experienced. We hope you can join us!

    Feel free to write or call me: Jen Garfinkel @ Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group at 617-254-9500 or jgarfinkel@aignerprenskymarketing.com

    Thank you!


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