What is Beachbody Coaching?

Hi there! My name is Emily Goodman and I am so excited you stopped on this page to learn a little bit more about me. I am a coach, a full-time corporate event planner, a MAJOR foodie, and someone who loves to work really hard to design my dream life that I get to live on my own terms! I have big goals and dreams for the future of being healthy, happy, and financially free – and I am not afraid to work really hard to get there!


Being a coach you would think I love fitness, but SURPRISE…I don’t! What I do love is how taking control of my health and fitness has made me feel not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Finding quick, yet effective programs that I am able to do from the comfort of home has totally changed my entire life! It wasn’t until finding Beachbody that I was able to find something I could actually stick to because my $70/month gym membership just wasn’t cutting it (because I rarely went consistently)! And with my love of food I was in desperate need to learn how to fuel my body the right way and to balance out my lifestyle which involves a lot of travel and researching and dinging out at restaurants!! You can learn more about my transformation story here.


My 1st passion when it comes to coaching is creating new and unique recipes for people to help teach them that eating healthy DOES NOT have to be boring and to show that you can still dine out and enjoy yourself without ruining all the hard work you put in – and still see results! My 2nd passion is paying this business opportunity forward and mentoring others to start their own coaching biz! I am an open book and I want to share everything I have learned about coaching with you!!


I have a lot of fun being my own boss in my coaching business because I love social media, developing recipes and blogging. But it does take hard work and dedication if you want to see success – both physically and financially! I am looking for people who are ready for a change, willing to work hard and are up for a challenge, and who understand that the success you see in this business is a direct reflect of the work you put into it – this ain’t no get rich quick scheme!


I invite you learn more about how I got started in this business. In the video you below I will explain exactly what a Beachbody Coach does, how we earn money, and how you can get started! After watching if you feel this opportunity is right for you please click the “Become A Coach” button at the bottom of this page!