Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day with family, friends, and LOTS of food 🙂
I had to share these adorable cookies that my friend Jen made…she even won the cookie competition at the school she works at with these bad boys! Way to go Jen!!!!
– Oreo cookies
– Candy corn
– Mini Reese peanut butter cups
– Vanilla frosting
– Whoppers
– Orange decorating icing
– Black decorating gel
**Jen’s tip: Put reeses in the fridge before you start. You have to cut them and it makes it easier if they are cold**
Take 1 Oreo and gently pry it open. Put a dollop of frosting at the top. Stick candy corn “feathers” into the frosting.
On a second Oreo put another dollop of frosting right on top and place the “feathered” Oreo in it standing upright.
Cut a round edge off one side of a Reeses so it can sit flat on the Oreo. Use frosting to glue Reeses against the Oreo base.
Use frosting to stick a whopper against the feathered Oreo to use as a head. Cut the tip off a candy corn and stick it on as a nose using frosting.
Put some frosting into a plastic sandwich bag and cut the edge off to make a piping bag. Pipe white icing onto the whopper for eyes. Put a dot of black gel onto the white for pupils. Use orange frosting as feet.
Thanks again Jen for sharing your super cute cookie idea 🙂

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