Chica de Gallo Salsa and Guacamole

I cannot resist salsa and guacamole. Especially when it is paired with a freshly made tortilla chip. Like seriously, the chip cannot get into my mouth fast enough. That is exactly what happened when I tried the salsas and guac from Chica de Gallo over the Memorial Day weekend with some friends.



Chica de Gallo is a local Boston-based company located in Everett, MA. They make fresh, vegan, and preservative free products which is a total win in my book and I love that I can find their products in Whole Foods as well as local stores, farmers markets and breweries in MA, CT, RI, and NH.

My mango obsession has been fierce for the past few months so when I saw Mango Pineapple Salsa in their product lineup I pretty much started jumping for joy right in my kitchen. It is a wonderful mix of  sweet from the mango and pineapple, savory, and heat from their signature pepper medley. It even has fresh ginger for an added depth of flavor.

I was also extremely happy with the texture and color of their guacamole. How many times have you tried to buy pre-made guac in your supermarket and it’s looked brown and unappealing? Yuck. Not with Chica de Gallo. Their guac is a green as can be and every batch is hand crafted.

Each of their salsa and guacamole varieties comes in a heat range of mild, medium, hot to best fit your flavor palate. For the extra adventurous check out their Ghost Pepper salsa!

And remember, salsa and gauc is better shared with friends! ?



Be on the lookout for recipe posts featuring Chica de Gallo right here on Emily J. Goodman ?



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